Thursday, 16 June 2011

Off and running

Well, it is hard to believe this is my second blog page.  My first blog lasted the time it took me to have a bath.  I began a blog on observations of life in the suburbs because it is what I do, or so I thought.  When it came to it though it wasn't real or true, it was fabricated.  Falsity and the life we portray is actually what my attempt at a first book is about so I didn't want to start my blogging life pretending.  I do often look at what is going on around me and write about it but not for publication.  I generally write for clarification.  It is how I make sense of myself and the world around me. 

The world of blogging is totally new to me.  My complete knowledge of blogging can be summed up in 3 words, Julie & Julia. That's it - a movie.  Why am I doing this?  I am not really sure.  Maybe it is my way of seeing my words in print.  That is probably partially true, I admit it. Isn't every creative person a little conceited like that, but is more than that.  I am hoping to reach others with the same passions, frustrations and fears.

I looked at a couple of blogs and one asked a question, "What advice do you wish you had received before you started blogging?"  The common answer was to write about what you are passionate about, what interests you.  That is what brought about the change in my blog.  I am interested in observing life but what I think about all the time is writing.  This was the a-ha moment I had in the bath.  I want to write, actually I do write - daily, but at this stage for no-one but myself.  One day I would like that to change, but until that magical day comes I will write, write and write a bit more for myself.

I keep a diary for my day to day thoughts, but I thought it would be fun/scary to keep a diary of my writing life.  I am fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive husband who panders to my writing dream.  Otherwise I wouldn't have the time to work on my book, home school my two teenage children, write my journal and blog.  Maybe he shouldn't encourage me quite so much.  He might live a much more settled life if he didn't, although I doubt it.  Writing feels like it is in my blood.  I can't escape it; believe me I have tried.  When people ask me what I am going to do with myself when I finish home schooling I usually tell them I will get an office job, which no doubt I will but what I want to do, the dream that never goes away is, I will write.  Why can't I be like normal people and just want a job with regular hours and a regular pay check.  I guess it's because that is not me.  I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way.  Obviously every published author feels or has felt this way but I am sure there are many other people who tap away at keyboards or scribble in notebook after notebook that share my passion for words.  I hope so or I truly am as insane as I sometimes feel.


allison tait said...

Hi MJ - welcome to the blogosphere!

greenlabyrinth said...

First, I would like to thank you for the kind comment on my blog, Green Labyrinth. Secondly, I would like you to know that I, too, had a first blog that lasted as long as a bath (or a baby nap). The first one was inspired by, yes, Julie and Julia. I do love that movie and you are not alone in being inspired by it.
Second, I would like to recommend a fabulous book for you called "Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper" by Sark. You may have seen it already or may not, but it is wonderful for inspiration to write. Check that out and check out the website I've read many books by this author and absolutely love her. Wishing you the best in your writing and look forward to following your blog!