Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another day

The writing blog

Well, I have discovered something important over the last two days.  Dinner doesn't get cooked if I am in my room writing.  I am sure my family is glad I have made this realisation.  It's not that I plan on this happening, it just seems to.  I go into my room around 4pm to work and next thing you know it's 7 and my kids are wondering what's for dinner.  Nothing always pops into my head, but I haven't disregarded my responsibilities to that stage yet.  Now I see why I should write in the morning.  Although, I really can't see that happening.  I have faith that I will find the balance I am seeking.  If not I have faith that my family will nag me until I do. 

Speaking of family, Lani is struggling with the flu.  It is horrible to see your kids sick.  The logic is definitely floored in some way but I would much rather it be me than her.  I hope she feels better really soon and that it doesn't go right through the household again.  Anyhow I have a lot of home schooling work to do, for some reason curriculums just don't design themselves, so I am going to go and prove to myself that I can be a responsible, functioning adult and do what I am supposed to be doing.

If anyone has any tips on how to squeeze some more hours out of the day I would love to hear them. Please share. I did find one way - I didn't come on here for a couple of days. That helped but I missed it so I am back.  I wish I could find a way to miss housework and cooking.


Michelle said...

Wow, I often have the same problem around dinner time.
How would you work writing into the morning if you homeschool?
I just try and write after dinner.. but sometimes I fit a little writing time in in the afternoon.

Melissa Jane said...

Hi Michelle,
Great to hear from another homeschooler. I am glad I am not the only one that gets caught up writing when I should be doing other things.

Sometimes I do have the opportunity to write in the morning, I just don't take advantage of it very often. It doesn't fit into my writing habit although I do research during the day. I can do that and homeschool because my kids are both at high school level now so often they are involved in their own work. It wouldn't have been possible when they were younger because everything was so much more hands on. Now the "teaching" is more a support role. They like to get on and explore their subjects on their own. I am more there to help if they can't grasp something, say a maths concept or question, otherwise we just have regular discussions about what they are learning about and what it means to them. They like having the control and I think it is very beneficial for them.

I give them a term plan/guide of what they need to work through. We work to school terms to match in with their friends. At the moment Alana is working towards her end of year 10 certificate. Daniel will be enrolling in TAFE next year to do the 1 year HSC course.

How old are your kids? Have you homeschooled them from the beginning? I wish I had but there is not point in regrets. Anyhow hope you are having a great day and life is treating you well. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.
Mel :)